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THE FLAVOR OF KOLKATA - Our newest Documentary!

Our Next Documentary

July 18, 2014

After success of 'Bad Gud Guy', We proudly announce our next documetary, a short travel documentary on the city Kolkata titled 'The Flavor of Kolkata'.

We give your family a short travel documentary experience like never before!

Releasing 2015.


May 19, 2014

Bad Gud Guy has crossed 5k views in a very short span of 6 days! Bad Gud Guy is a 12 minute documentary film by Srikar Reddy and produced by Oxy BraggART Media. It took us a lot of hard work, tension and some last minute changes to make this film. And we are really happy with the product and the response from people all over the globe. Thanking all the lovely people who have seen our little 12 minute documentary!


April 27, 2014

Ben Proudfoot, our favorite documentary maker and whose work we immensely admire and respect has seen 'Bad Gud Guy' and praised Srikar Reddy as a "Very promising talent" and gave an advice to distill the essence of the film to watchable length. The film that runs 16 & half minute now has been edited out to a decent run time of 12 & half. It will be released on Vimeo on May 10, 2014.


Oxy BraggART Media founded by Srikar Reddy, 17, making documentaries that are loved by people over the Globe.

These are our following works

AAL ABT CLG - A 15 minute documentary about College seen through the point of view of 6 students.

Bad Gud Guy - A 13 minute documentary based on an episode in the life of a guy with good heart but bad hormones. Coming this Summer.

The Flavor of Kolkata - A Short 3D travel documentary in the Indian city Kolkata. Set for a 2015 release.