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The story

'Bad Gud Guy' is 12 minute docu-drama by Srikar Reddy that found audience online and appreciation from International filmmakers Ben Proudfoot, Paul van den Boom, Francesco Paciocco, Bob Lorrimer, Christopher Guinness, Ben Tobin, Connor Hurley and many other short filmmakers. The film that is based on a rare true story from thousands of similar stories was seen by over 10000 people within 11 days of its release on Vimeo.

The film was shot in 2 days in the hot summer of mid-March and after editing, Srikar sent a 16 minute version of the film to his favorite documentary filmmaker Ben Proudfoot and did not expect a reply from him. But the next week he was surprised to see a reply from Ben Proudfoot praising him as a "very promising talent" and gave him an advice to distill the essence of the film to shorter length. So it was re-edited to give a short length and the final product was at another level.



Not many people are involved in the making of this film.

Short - Edited - Directed by Srikar Reddy.

Produced by Ram Venkat & Srikar Reddy.

Musics licensed composed by Ending Satellites, Gillicuddy & Kevin Macleod.

And the amazing cast-

The Guy - Aakash Bund

Sourav - Aditya Abhyankar

Himanshu Nahak - Devendra Kulkarni &

Talking to camera - Rishab Jhadav

And a Very Special Thanks to Ben Proudfoot and we are proud that we made you a part of this film with a thanking credit!


Bad Gud Guy was praised by many Global filmmakers.

Starting first with Ben Proudfoot, Canadian filmmaker - "Great & terrific work"

Paul van den boom, Netherlands filmmaker based in Canada - "nice & well told"

Francesco Paciocco, Italin-American filmmaker - "has some great shots & moments"

Ben Tobin, American filmmaker - "nice work"

Bob Lorrimer, American filmmaker - " has excellent cinematic passages, good neat editing and great shots"

Christopher Guinnes, Award winning animator, filmmaker & art director from Trinidad and Tobago - "Very Ambitious"

Connor Hurley, Brooklyn based filmmaker - It was humanistic, non judgmental and has beautiful photography.

and you can also share what you liked about the film with us at or mail Srikar directly at We would love it to hear from you!